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Diagnostic support plans

Experiencing downtime or severe business impact? Use our proven priority issue resolution process to rapidly resolve critical performance issues.

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Get expert help with your performance issues with LeanSentry Diagnostic support plans.

Diagnostic support plans

Want help with understanding LeanSentry diagnostics, or additional guidance on how to resolve the issues it identified?

You can now get expert assistance with resolving issues as part of our new lightweight diagnostic support plans.

These plans provide a low-cost, flexible support alternative to more expensive support engagements we used to offer as part of our Business tier plans.

TIP: You can add a support plan to your LeanSentry account on your plans page.

S1: Diagnostic support

Not sure what the diagnostic report means? Get this plan to receive with interpreting diagnostics and basic recommendations for how to resolve the issues LeanSentry identifies.

To get help, simply email support with a link to any page or diagnostic in LeanSentry, and one of our DevOps engineers we'll be happy to help you understand it further.

NOTE: Our performance engineering team helps hundreds of customers solve performance problems each month. To allow our small expert team to rise to this challenge and still keep your support costs low, the S1 plan is email only. For more information on support limits, please see support plan details.

S2: Developer support

Need more insight into an issue in your application? Use the S2 plan to be able to dig into the details with one of LeanSentry's senior software developers who work on resolving these types of issues all the time.

The S2 plan provides the ability to look at specific code and receive developer-level best practice guidance in the course of developing your specific solution.

This plan is ideally suited for cases such as:

  • The issue is complex, and may involve async hangs, queueing, and memory leaks/garbage collection.
  • You'd like code review feedback.
  • You'd like to review the issue over a screen share with one of our senior developers (S1 plan is email only).
  • Your developers have specific code-level questions about an issue.
  • You need assistance with application analysis/dump debugging to figure out WHY an issue is happening in the code identified by a LeanSentry diagnostic report.

How our support model works

Our support process seeks to eliminate the typical guesswork and overly long phone calls/email threads associated with performance investigations. Instead, we use a proven workflow that leverages LeanSentry diagnostics to isolate the correct issues quickly and definitively.

Here is how it works:

  1. Email us to request help with a specific issue. For best results, provide a link to the existing issue report/diagnostic in your LeanSentry dashboard.
  2. Identify the issue (S1). We will next locate the issue report in your dashboard, and make sure that it represents the problem you seek to resolve.
  3. Collect the diagnostic report (S1). If LeanSentry has not yet diagnosed the issue, we will help you configure LeanSentry to collect the correct diagnostic. The diagnostic information provides the key to resolving each issue correctly and in the shortest possible time.
  4. We provide a basic explanation of the cause of the issue based on the diagnostic report (S1). This explanation will also highlight the relevant location of the issue in your code, if identified by the diagnostic. You can ask questions to help you understand the reason.
  5. Assist with solution development (S2). In this phase, your developers can discuss the issue and relevant code with one of our senior engineers. We may also provide additional assistance with determining WHY the issue is happening through application analysis.
You can request a screenshare / phone discussion with our senior developers as part of your S2 plan. This is done after the correct diagnostics for the issue have been collected, and your developers have already completed the initial review of diagnostics with our S1 engineers.
LeanSentry performance issue resolution process.

For example: if your application experiences a hang due to the SQL connection pool being exhausted, the LeanSentry diagnostic report will identify the location of blockage in your code.

Your S1 diagnostic review can help you understand the underlying issue causing the blockage (i.e. connection pool exhaustion). Your developers can then begin to review the application code in order to resolve the issue.

An S2 review can help your development team to determine the correct way to resolve the problem (for example, identifying the code patterns that can lead to SQL connection pool exhaustion). This can include a phone review of suspect code patterns and guidance on how to correct them.

Going further with S2, if it becomes necessary to determine the specific queries leaving open connections in your application, we can collect a dump of the application hang and assist with application analysis to determine the exact transaction details and SQL queries holding the connections open, leading to the pool exhaustion.

Getting help

To get started right away, add a support plan to your LeanSentry account and contact us to begin an issue review.

If you are not sure what support level you need, contact us to find the right support option for you.

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