LeanSentry Diagnostics guide

Configure LeanSentry for best monitoring and diagnostic results

Here is how to use LeanSentry's data quaity wizard to get the best monitoring and diagnostics for your specific environment.

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Get the best diagnostic results for your applications

LeanSentry uses diagnostic information already present on your Windows server, to eliminate the need for invasive profiling. When issues occur, LeanSentry employs precision debugging to obtain the code level information to diagnose them.

You can help make sure we can do the necessary diagnostics by improving the data quality in your environment.

Improve enviroment data quality

We'll automatically suggest the changes you'll need to get the best results, in the LeanSentry data quality wizard.

To access the data quality wizard, simply click the environment settings button at the top of your dashboard to access the environment-level data quality wizard.

Open environment settings from your dashboard.

Then scroll down to the data quality section, and press the "Fix it" button!

Data quality wizard in environment settings.

Use the data quality wizard to improve LeanSentry monitoring for your environment

Follow the recommendations in the wizard to improve your monitoring quality. For example, install missing IIS components like Tracing and Request monitor to enable Hang diagnostics, or install Windows debuggers to enable memory analysis and additional diagnostic types.

Review the data quality recommendations to improve LeanSentry monitoring.

Each recommendation will provide an explanation of what is needed, and a help article to explain how to do it if you need additional instructions.

LeanSentry reports a detailed status for each server that you are monitoring, that you can review for additional information when needed.

View per-server status of each recommendation.
We recommend that you complete all Required, Core, and Important items at minimum. You can also complete the additional Recommended items for best results.

Get help configuring LeanSentry for a specific issue

Because LeanSentry detects and diagnoses a multitude of issues, it may not always choose to diagnose the specific issue you are interested in.

We can help configure LeanSentry to focus on a specific issue you need to resolve quickly. Contact us to speak with one of our performance engineers.

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