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Using LeanSentry to monitor restricted environments

Learn how to deploy LeanSentry in environments with security restrictions, and locked-down servers with no internet access. Explore the self-hosted LeanSentry OnPremise option for complete data privacy.

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LeanSentry deployment options

Deploying LeanSentry in a restricted environment? You've got options.

Most LeanSentry clients find that deploying LeanSentry directly to their production servers is the fastest way to start diagnosing their applications.

However, we also work with many companies that have additional privacy or sandboxing restrictions that make production deployment more difficult.

As a result, we offer several additional options to get started:

  • LeanSentry OnPremise: deploy the entire LeanSentry stack entirely inside your secure environment, and keep all monitoring data in-house.
  • LeanSentry remote monitoring configuration: monitor and diagnose "air-gapped" servers with no outgoing internet access from a "centralized" monitoring service in your DMZ.
  • Start with your development/staging environment: work with us to capture your performance issues first in a non-production environment.

LeanSentry OnPremise

If your application cannot use SAAS performance monitoring due to contractual or policy restrictions, e.g. PHI or HIPAA, LeanSentry OnPremise provides an easy solution.

LeanSentry OnPremise: Host LeanSentry inside your environment for complete data privacy.

With LeanSentry OnPremise, you host the entire LeanSentry stack, with all monitoring data remaining entirely within your secure environment.

Contact us to receive access to LeanSentry OnPremise.

Monitor sandboxed servers with no outgoing internet access

You can still use LeanSentry to monitor locked-down servers with no outgoing internet access!

Monitor locked-down servers remotely with a centralized LeanSentry monitoring service.

In this mode, your can install a LeanSentry monitoring service on a utility server in your DMZ, and then configure it to remotely monitor your sandboxed or "air-gapped" servers over your internal network.

This configuration does not require any ports to be open to the outside, only that your centralized LeanSentry monitoring service has outgoing internet access to our service endpoints.

Contact us for more information on setting up remote monitoring with LeanSentry.

Start in development or staging environment

Need approval to deploy to production?

Not to worry, you can begin by attempting to diagnose some of your issues in a staging or test environment.

While this can be more challenging, we'll be happy to help you configure LeanSentry to begin identifying your application issues and work with you to gain approval for production use.

Contact us to discuss your goals and configure LeanSentry for best results in your test environment.

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