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Self-hosted diagnostics with LeanSentry OnPremise

LeanSentry OnPremise offers a self-hosted diagnostic solution for locked-down environments.

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LeanSentry OnPremise: Get full diagnostics with complete data privacy.

What is LeanSentry On-Premise?

Cannot use SAAS cloud-based monitoring due to regulatory or security restrictions?

LeanSentry OnPremise is a complete diagnostic solution that can be hosted entirely inside your locked-down environment.


  • Full data privacy.
  • Comply with stringent security and PII regulations.
  • Full control over data storage and backup.
  • Same great features as SAAS version.

Same diagnostics, full data privacy

LeanSentry OnPremise offers an identical feature set to LeanSentry, but is installed inside a VM internal to your environment.

LeanSentry OnPremise is installed inside your environment.

As a result, all monitoring data LeanSentry OnPremise collects is stored in your internal SQL server database/local filesystem.

No outgoing internet access is required, and you maintain full control over all monitoring data.

How do I download LeanSentry OnPremise?

LeanSentry OnPremise is available as part of the LeanSentry Business plan.

To receive access to the LeanSentry OnPremise evaluation, contact us.

What are the requirements to deploy LeanSentry OnPremise?

You can learn more about the requirements and setting up LeanSentry OnPremise here.

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