Discover and fix production issues the right way

Diagnostics backed by the expertise of engineers that created the Microsoft web platform.

January, 2021 special pricing. We are continuing the special pricing we announced last May, to help customers resolve performance issues during the COVID pandemic & the online usage spike. As part of this, we are temporarily making diagnostic plans available on a monthly basis and offering reduced pricing on most plans.

NOTE: If you are an existing customer renewing your legacy plan, see your upgrade page for your special renewal pricing. You won't regret it!

Enjoy, and stay safe!
Monitoring only plans



Monitor & detect issues.

Discover issues affecting your application.

Website health

Full-stack error tracking


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1 environment.
3 users.
Includes 1 server.

Identify and confirm the common performance issues that affect your website health.

Detect performance issues

Monitor website health

Full-stack error tracking


Note that this plan does not enable diagnostics; upgrade to a diagnostic plan to analyze/resolve performance issues.
Diagnostic plans


$200/mo. ANNUAL

Diagnose common performance issues.

Resolve common website slowdowns with Hang diagnostics.

Diagnostics: Hangs.

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1 environment.
3 users.
Starts at 4 servers.

Diagnose and resolve common performance issues that affect your website health.

Website hangs


$499/mo. ANNUAL

Diagnose & optimize performance.

Diagnose most production issues + comprehensive performance analysis.

Diagnostics: Hangs, Queueing, Slowdowns, CPU, Memory, Crash.

Performance analysis: threading, lock contention, page faults, more.

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3 environments.
3 users.
Starts at 4 servers.

Resolve issues faster with full-spectrum diagnostics; get proactive with comprehensive performance analysis.

Slow requests

CPU overloads and queueing

Memory leaks


Debug errors NEW

Performance analysis


$1200/mo. ANNUAL

Full power of LeanSentry for business.

Full-featured, cost-effective monitoring with flexible deployment.

Lower total cost for monitoring 10+ servers.

Monitor unlimited production, staging, and test environments.

Team use with unlimited users and permissions.

On-premise deployment option for compliance and data privacy. Requires OnPremise plan*

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unlimited environments.
unlimited users.
Starts at 10 servers.

Cost-effective, full featured LeanSentry deployment for business use.

Lower cost

Full coverage


Flexible deployment

LeanSentry OnPremise

Support plans


Diagnostic support (1)

Get expert help with interpreting LeanSentry diagnostics, and general best-practice recommendations for issues LeanSentry diagnoses. See details for limits.

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Choose a plan to select support options.

Understand and resolve issues faster with expert guidance from our operational engineers.


Developer support (2)

Get application-specific guidance to speed up issue resolution and performance engineering. See details for limits.

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Choose a plan to select support options.

Increase speed of performance engineering with code-level guidance from our senior performance engineers.

Question about plans? Contact us to get more information on plans, pricing, and custom quotes.


Use LeanSentry Lite on your servers risk free with our 7 day free trial. We'll ask you for payment information when you activate the plan.

During the trial, all data and insights are available, but diagnostics show limited information. Upgrade to access full diagnostic information.

Diagnostic plans

The Lite plan is an great way to get started with LeanSentry, in order to identify the issues affecting your applications.

However, the true power of LeanSentry comes from its just-in-time diagnostics, that can automatically identify the root causes of most issues down to the application code.

You can use one of the diagnostic plans to access the full diagnostics for issues LeanSentry identifies in your applications.

Most plans are limited to monitoring 1 environment only. If you have multiple application environments, or need to accomodate a development/operations team with individual user accounts, permissions, and notification preferences, please consider the Business plan.

How we calculate active servers

We charge you the base rate for the number of servers on your plan at the beginning of each month.

When you add additional servers, we'll calculate the number of additional servers in use on a daily basis and include those charges on your next month's bill.

A server is only counted on each day if it has actively provided data.

Plan changes and cancellation

You can upgrade most plans at any time, with the change being immediately effective. Downgrades to plans become effective at the end of your current plan's billing cycle, or at the end of your plan term for annual plans.

To cancel a monthly plan, simply email us at any time. Your cancellation will be effective for the next calendar month. Please note that the base plan rate is billed each month until the account is cancelled, even if your servers are no longer being monitored.

Data deletion. When the account is cancelled, all environment data is deleted and any pending statements are charged.

Annual plan. For annual plans, cancellation incurs a 3 month penalty, or the number of months remaining in your annual term, whichever is less.

Have questions? Want to discuss alternate arrangements?

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Give your team critical insight into your web stack.

Deploy in 5 minutes. Expert diagnostics. Runs safely alongside other APMs.