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IIS monitoring and optimization

Learn expert techniques to effectively diagnose most performance problems in IIS websites and ASP.NET applications. Configure your IIS website for maximum performance and availability.

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Restarting and recycling IIS

  • 1. How to correctly reset, restart, and recycle IIS websites

    Expert strategies for restarting IIS services and recycling IIS application pools for maximum website availability. Includes instructions for zero-downtime, always warm application pool configuration.

  • 2. Maximum IIS application pool availability

    The complete guide to converting your IIS site to 100% warm, always available application that can recycle with zero downtime.

  • 3. Dangers of using IISRESET to restart your IIS services

    IISRESET causes website downtime, and can leave your server permanently down. Explore the detailed consequences this command has on your websites and your web server as a whole.

  • 4. Website downtime test of IISRESET and other ways to restart IIS (Early Access)

    We tested every way to restart and recycle IIS services, including IISRESET, service restarts, and pool recycling. See which methods cause the most downtime, and which methods save the day.

  • 5. Developer guide: speed up ASP.NET application warmup (Early Access)

    Use these battle-tested techniques to speed up your application warmup.

  • 6. ConfigureWarmup tool: Enable IIS application warmup (Early Access)

    ConfigureWarmup tool to quickly configure your IIS website for application warmup. Includes warmup performance test.

Monitoring IIS logs

  • 7. IIS log analysis | Expert guide

    The definitive guide to getting better insights from your website’s IIS logs. Plus, a tool to super-charge your IIS logs with custom fields to take your analysis to the next level.

  • 8. Enhance IIS logging | Expert guide (Early Access)

    Make your IIS logs actionable by adding valuable detail that you've always wanted. Including exception details, slow application code, and more.

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