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See how LeanSentry's lightweight monitoring and expert Just-In-Time diagnostics help you capture and correctly diagnose application performance issues.

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How it works

LeanSentry monitors your applications using lightweight data from standard Windows monitoring protocols including IIS logs, ETW traces, Performance counters, and others.

LeanSentry uses non-intrusive monitoring of IIS logs, ETW traces, Performance counters and other standard Windows protocols to identify performance issues.

It then correlates this data in real-time to identify most performance issues that affect your applications, including:

And so on.

Diagnose issues

When LeanSentry detects an issue, it automatically captures the necessary information to diagnose it.

LeanSentry automatically identifies IIS and ASP.NET performance issues like hangs, queueing, memory leaks, and many others.

Your team can use the diagnostic reports after the fact to identify what the cause was, and what code in your application was involved in triggering it.

LeanSentry diagnostics identify the root cause and code location of application hang.

Get started

To begin detecting issues in your applications, install LeanSentry on the server(s) where you are experiencing issues.

LeanSentry will then begin to discover issues over the course of the first several days.

Once LeanSentry has observed each issue and captured diagnostics, your team will be able to view the diagnostic reports to begin resolving the issue*.

* Full diagnostics are available on the LeanSentry Professional plan or above. Contact us to get a preview of your diagnostics.

Not ready to deploy?

If you do not have access to your production servers, or have security or data privacy restrictions, we offer a number of options to get you started.

Contact us for a brief consultation and we'll be happy to identify an option that works for you.

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