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Use LeanSentry to identify and effectively diagnose the underlying performance issues. Including IIS queueing, ASP.NET hangs, 503 Service Unavailable, CPU overloads, crashes, and more.

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  • 1. Get started with LeanSentry

    See how LeanSentry's lightweight monitoring and expert Just-In-Time diagnostics help you capture and correctly diagnose application performance issues.

  • 2. Diagnose IIS website hangs

    How to use LeanSentry Hang diagnostics to quickly identify and diagnose website hangs, including identifying the correct application code causing the hang.

  • 3. Diagnose w3wp.exe high CPU usage

    How to use LeanSentry CPU diagnostics to quickly detect and diagnose high CPU usage in the IIS worker process.

  • 4. Diagnose w3wp.exe high memory usage

    Diagnose high memory usage in the IIS worker process using LeanSentry Memory diagnostics. Tune .NET memory usage down to code to quickly and definitively resolve memory leaks.

  • 5. Fix IIS, ASP.NET, ASP and Http.sys errors

    Identify severe and actionable errors across your entire IIS, ASP.NET, and Http.sys web stack. Diagnose complex errors like 503s down to code, and even debug hard-to-reproduce production errors in Visual Studio.

  • 6. Diagnose async hangs in ASP.NET Core, MVC and WebAPI

    Diagnose async hangs in ASP.NET Core, MVC and WebAPI applications, using the async analysis inside LeanSentry Hang diagnostics.


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