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Priority issue resolution support

Experiencing downtime or severe business impact? Get expert support to rapidly resolve critical performance issues.

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LeanSentry Priority Issue Resolution support services.

Priority issue resolution

We may be able to offer you a rapid issue resolution process for severe performance issues. This process combines LeanSentry diagnostics with an expert analysis by our performance engineers to help you arrive at a correct resolution quickly.

NOTE: Priority issue resolution services are not included in the standard support plans. These services are subject to team availability, and are billed separately.

To initiate a priority issue resolution incident, please contact us.

When to use priority issue resolution services

While common performance issues have similar causes, all application are unique. After diagnostics are captured, your team may require additional time and expertise to determine the application-specific strategy for resolving the issue.

In some cases, this investigation may take days or weeks, while the issue continues to impact your applications. This can be very costly and disruptive to your business.

Priority issue resolution is suggested in these cases:

  • Issue has severe business impact. Priority issue incidents can allow you to receive S2 support priority on short notice.
  • You require more support time than is included in your standard support plan.
  • Your team has already spent extensive time/resources trying to resolve the issue.
  • The issue is complex, and may involve async hangs, queueing, and memory leaks/garbage collection.

How it works

Our priority issue resolution process can accelerate the resolution through expert analysis of the diagnostics and the application state giving rise to the issue.

LeanSentry Priority Issue Resolution process.

For example: if your application experiences a hang due to the SQL connection pool being exhausted, the diagnostics will identify the location of blockage in your code.

We can then perform additional application analysis to extract the exact transaction details and SQL queries holding the connections open, leading to the pool exhaustion.

The analysis is guided by the LeanSentry diagnostic reports and your code, but allows us to go beyond the basic diagnostic information and extract the necessary details to guide your developers to an application-specific fix.

As a final step, we can review the associated code with your development team to more precisely identify a small and effective solution to the issue.

Getting help

We will need to understand your situation in more detail before we can offer you a priority support incident.

To initiate a priority issue resolution incident, please contact us.

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