LeanSentry Diagnostics guide

Finding and diagnosing hangs

Learn how to use LeanSentry Hang diagnostics for the first time.

Use this tab to find and diagnose hangs that LeanSentry detects for this application.

A hang is simply a time when requests in the application appear to be "stuck" for longer than expected. Hangs can range from smaller slowdowns in specific urls to massive queueing or application deadlocks.

You can see all the hangs LeanSentry has detected here.

Hang diagnostic reports

LeanSentry will diagnose some of the hangs depending on their severity and your settings, and then you can use the diagnostic reports to see what caused them, down to code.

Understanding cause of hangs with LeanSentry

For a detailed walkthrough on troubleshooting hangs, see Finding and resolving Hangs with LeanSentry.

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