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Add code-level tracing to your application with just a few lines of code.

By default, LeanSentry tracing is limited in resolution to the trace events provided by IIS and ASP.NET. You can gain code-level resolution by adding lightweight trackers to the few portions of your code likely to cause slow requests.

This enables:

1. Tracking of slow operations at code level (for operations you instrument).

2. Ability to publish custom debug state for tracked operations to enable more complex debugging of only-sometimes-slow operations.

Adding trackers

To add a tracker, reference the LeanSentry.ApplicationMonitoring.dll library in your application, and surround tracked code with a tracker:

using(new Tracker("Connecting to SQL"))
// your code here
You can then publish additional information about this operation by adding properties to the tracker:

using(var tracker = new Tracker("Connecting to SQL"))
tracker["PartitionKey"] = "1";
// your code here
This information will then be available in selected slow request traces for this operation.

This feature is available on the plan.

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