What is LeanSentry?

LeanSentry is a lightweight performance analysis service for Windows web apps,
that can perform expert diagnostics.
Step 1. You install LeanSentry on your web servers.
Step 2. LeanSentry monitors IIS, ASP.NET and your applications, and detects errors, performance degradations, hangs and so on.
Step 3. It automatically analyzes them and sends you expert analysis reports.

How is it different from my current APM tool?

Better insight into your web stack.
We understand application pools, the IIS thread pool, ASP.NET performance, the CLR garbage collector, and so on.
This helps us give you deeper, more actionable insights into your system.
Hang diagnostics
external non-blocking Runs side-by-side
with your APM
Low overhead monitoring, that can run side-by-side with your existing APM tools.
APM tools use profilers that intercept your application's execution. This can destabilize and slow down your apps.

LeanSentry uses external, non-intrusive monitoring that combines data from standard Windows logs including IIS logs, ETW traces, performance counters, and so on. This has almost zero overhead on your server and cannot crash or slow down your applications.

What can I do with LeanSentry?

Understand IIS & ASP.NET performance
Hang diagnostics

Understand how your web application stack is performing, down to the details.

  • Request queueing.
  • IIS and ASP.NET thread pool performance.
  • Workload concurrency limitations.
  • App code, SQL queries, and REST calls blocking requests.
Fix up your apps
Full stack error tracking

Discover and fix errors across your entire stack.

  • IIS errors.
  • ASP.NET errors.
  • Application exceptions.
  • Application pool failures, server errors, and more.

Automatically groups related errors for easy tracking.

Gives you detailed exception stack traces, IIS error explanations, and request information to quickly isolate and fix errors.

Tune performance & reduce server costs
Automatic CPU analysis

Automatically isolate high server CPU usage to to website, process, and down to application code.

Proactively tune application CPU usage with full CPU profiles.

Get function-level CPU usage history to detect regressions & validate improvements.

Automatic Memory analysis

Automatically detect memory leaks and high memory usage for any process or website.

Proactively tune memory usage, and reduce .NET garbage collection impact.

Get powerful code-level .NET memory analysis with searchable memory reference trees, alive/dead, and generational breakdowns.

Production issue resolution on steroids
Alerts that detect most production issues

Detect slow requests, abormally errors, hangs, and high resource usage.

No alert policy configuration necessary.

Automatic diagnostics

Automatically diagnose the root cause of problems the first time they happen.

Instantly diagnose hangs, high CPU, low memory, abormally high error rates, and more.

Solve problems without needing to reproduce them.

Add LeanSentry. Get expert-level insight into your web stack.

Deploy in 5 minutes. No iisreset. Runs safely alongside other APMs.