The Performance score report provides a simple, but yet very powerful way to tune the performance of your application.

The report assesses application performance across dozens of best practices rules covering IIS, ASP.NET, .NET, and other important areas.

Use the Performance score report to:

  • Proactively improve application performance.
  • Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks.
  • Track performance regressions in production and dev/staging environments.

Performance score

The score is computed every minute by adding up scores for individual performance rules. The resulting total score samples are averaged for the selected time period to give you the average total performance score.

Performance rules

Each rule analyzes the performance of your application in a specific area based on performance and scalability best practices. Depending on how well your application performs, the rule will assign between 0-100% of its available points.

The timeline view shows the score and related metrics over time. You can mouse over any point to view the analysis. If we have identified the root cause or opportunity to improve performance, you can also mouse over the corresponding "cause" flag to see more.

Automatic diagnostics and tuning recommendations

The best part of the performance score is that each rule automatically diagnoses the root cause(s) of performance problems, and provides detailed code-level information and recommendations on how to improve performance specifically for your application.

Review the "causes" section on the right to see the performance issues/opportunities we identified.

When applicable, the cause will provide code-level information to help you optimize it.

You can use the Performance score report to rapidly improve your application performance, by following the provided analysis and recommendations.

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