Definitively fix ASP.NET memory leaks.



High CPU

Memory leaks

Memory leak detected in the MvcApp application pool.

Determines root cause:

Large byte[] arrays caused memory leak on the Large Object Heap.

Finally solve memory issues the right way:

Stop recycling, and optimize the exact code responsible for memory leaks and excessive garbage collection.

Stop recycling ... fix W3WP.exe memory leaks instead!

Most ASP.NET applications experience high memory usage. LeanSentry helps you identify and optimize application memory usage the right way, so you don't have to excessively recycle and pay unnecessary hosting costs.
  1. Identify specific objects & code causing .NET memory leaks.
  2. Low-impact diagnostics suited for production use.
  3. Diagnose .NET, IIS, and even native memory leaks.
We were able to leverage the LeanSentry memory diagnostics to move to the smaller servers, so that’s saved us a ton of money over the last year.
Kathy Yazzie, Senior .NET Developer
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Identify and analyze memory leaks in production.

LeanSentry memory diagnostics report
LeanSentry automatically detects memory leaks, excessive Garbage collection overhead, and high memory usage. It can then diagnose the cause of those leaks down to code.

Fix memory leaks instead of applying band-aids

Runs safely alongside your existing monitoring. Minimal overhead. Deploys in 5 minutes.

Get down to the code causing leaks.

Identify the specific objects causing high memory usage, and where in your application they are coming from.
Optimize memory usage

Explore the different ways to optimize your memory usage.

Developers can quickly find and optimize specific objects and GC generations in your application.
Memory leak code marked
See how you can use LeanSentry Memory diagnostics to fix memory leaks in our Diagnose w3wp.exe high memory usage guide.

Tune memory usage the right way.

Identify and diagnose memory leaks, GC overhead, and reduce cloud costs using LeanSentry Memory diagnostics.

Get deeper insight without adding more overhead.

external non-blocking Runs side-by-side
with your APM
Low overhead monitoring, that can run side-by-side with your existing APM tools.
APM tools use profilers that intercept your application's execution. This can destabilize and slow down your apps.

LeanSentry uses external, non-intrusive monitoring that combines data from standard Windows logs including IIS logs, ETW traces, performance counters, and so on. This has almost zero overhead on your server and cannot crash or slow down your applications.

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