Fix ASP.NET memory leaks

Diagnose ASP.NET memory leaks and tune memory usage
in under 5 minutes.

Troubleshoot memory leaks and out of memory problems in less than 5 minutes!

No need to reproduce the memory leak,
no intensive memory profiling.

LeanSentry automatically detects ASP.NET memory leaks in production,
and diagnoses their root causes so you can start working on the fix.

LeanSentry automatically analyzes memory leaks in ASP.NET applications and tells you what caused them!

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Fix and avoid memory leaks with realtime diagnostics.

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Catch the leak as soon as it happens.

Identify high w3wp memory usage,
garbage collection problems,
and objects consuming memory.

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What causes a memory leak?

An ASP.NET application can begin using a lot of memory because of excessive memory allocation, or keeping .NET objects referenced for too long. These patterns make it harder for the .NET Garbage Collector to release memory, causing the application to develop a memory leak. This often leads to OutOfMemoryException errors, and can make the IIS application pool recycle prematurely due to virtual or physical memory limits.

Detect & troubleshoot memory leaks in your ASP.NET applications automatically

Here is how it works:

1. LeanSentry monitors your ASP.NET applications using standard, lightweight Windows monitoring protocols.

This monitoring uses performance counters and has ZERO performance overhead on your server, as opposed to the unacceptable 10-100x overhead incurred by using a memory profiler.

2. LeanSentry will automatically detect ASP.NET memory leaks, abnormal w3wp.exe memory usage, and low available server memory.

LeanSentry automatically detects when your ASP.NET application develops a memory leak, experiences abnormally high memory usage, or causes your server to run out of memory.

3. LeanSentry then automatically diagnoses the memory leak using a debugger.

If a memory leak is confirmed, LeanSentry uses the Windows Debuging tools (WinDbg) to automatically diagnose it. The Windows Debugging tools are the only industry standard and safe tool for production .NET memory debugging. They have been actively used by Microsoft and thousands of experts for memory investigations for over a decade.

Best of all, LeanSentry uses a proprietary technique to analyze your memory usage without interrupting your application.

4. Within a minute, you receive a "website had abnormally high memory use" alert.

Simply open the alert page to view the memory usage information, and diagnose the memory leak.

LeanSentry alerts you whenever your website uses too much memory

5. Inspect the memory diagnostic report to diagnose the leak!

The memory diagnostic will walk you through the application's memory usage step-by-step.

First, you'll see exact how the application uses the allocated memory on the .NET Garbage Collector heap:

See exactly how the memory is being used by the application

Second, LeanSentry will automatically identify the memory allocation problems, and indicate which application objects consumed the most memory.

Finally, it will show you the reference paths for those objects so the developer can locate and optimize memory use:

LeanSentry shows you what consumed the memory, and how to optimize the application's memory usage

That's it! No need to reproduce the memory leak in the test environment,
and no complex memory profiling.