Fix high CPU usage in production.



High CPU

Memory leaks

Cpu overload caused by the MvcApp application pool.

Determines root cause:

Cpu overload caused by hot path in ProfileHelper.GetPurchases().

Optimize the right places:

Automatically identifies hot paths in your application code that cause trouble.

Improve IIS website performance by optimizing the right code

Many IIS websites experience high CPU usage that causes hangs and poor performance. Don't waste team resources optimizing the wrong code ... LeanSentry identifies the exact application code that causes your production CPU overloads, so you can do it right.
  1. Identify specific code causing CPU overloads in production.
  2. Safe for production with virtually zero overhead.
  3. Diagnose .NET and native CPU usage!
I just wanted to reach out and give my appreciation for how you guys helped us back in March. Since March, we have not had any significant incidents in the way we had been experiencing them before and we continue to use LeanSentry to monitor our app and our servers effectively.
Juan Beck, Senior IT Manager
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Automatically diagnose high CPU usage in production.

LeanSentry CPU profiling
LeanSentry detects high CPU usage in production, and automatically diagnoses the code causing it. It does this using lightweight background CPU profiling that has no overhead on your server (compared to APM tools).

Fix the right code to speed up your IIS website

Runs safely alongside your existing monitoring. Minimal overhead. Deploys in 5 minutes.

See the actual application code causing high CPU usage.

See the code that's actually causing your CPU usage in production.
Code causing high CPU usage

Explore valuable optimization ideas for your code.

Developers can explore different ideas for optimizing the application, to get the most benefit with least effort.
Tuning CPU usage
See how you can use LeanSentry CPU diagnostics to effectively improve website performance in our Diagnose w3wp.exe high CPU usage guide.

Tune CPU usage usage the right way.

Identify and diagnose the exact code causing high CPU usage in your production IIS website, with zero production overhead.

Get deeper insight without adding more overhead.

external non-blocking Runs side-by-side
with your APM
Low overhead monitoring, that can run side-by-side with your existing APM tools.
APM tools use profilers that intercept your application's execution. This can destabilize and slow down your apps.

LeanSentry uses external, non-intrusive monitoring that combines data from standard Windows logs including IIS logs, ETW traces, performance counters, and so on. This has almost zero overhead on your server and cannot crash or slow down your applications.

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