Fixing IIS and ASP.NET hangs the right way.



High CPU

Memory leaks

Discover and fix hangs and slowdowns quickly.

Determine root cause:

Hang caused by ASP.NET thread pool exhaustion due to ProfileHelper.GetProfile().

Understand IIS & .NET performance:

Diagnose queueing, concurrency limits, threading issues, garbage collection, and dozens of other platform issues.

Never worry about hangs again.

Every website experiences hangs. LeanSentry is your insurance policy, reducing the time it takes for you to identify, understand, and resolve hangs whenever they happen.
  1. Detects most slowdowns right away.
  2. Automatically diagnoses the root cause.
  3. Gives you a detailed report so you can get to fixing.
I love the LeanSentry's hung request diagnostic! It makes me feel like the black box has become transparent ... and saves a tremendous amount of time.
Kathy Yazzie, Senior .NET Developer
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See the actual application code causing your hangs.

(That your regular APM tool will not show you)
LeanSentry Hang diagnostics identify code causing IIS hang
LeanSentry automatically determines the causes of most performance issues, and the code causing them. This way you can skip all the frustrating trial and error, and go straight to fixing the right code.

Skip the guessing game with automatic diagnostics

Runs safely alongside your existing monitoring. Minimal overhead. Deploys in 5 minutes.

LeanSentry explains the underlying mechanisms that cause your issues.

(And gives you application-specific recommendations to improve performance)
LeanSentry Hang diagnostics report
We'll tell you if your performance is being limited by suboptimal thread pool usage, .NET garbage collection, IIS concurrency limits, or blocking application code. Then, we'll tell you the best way to fix it.

Get the code-level details you need.

We'll tell you which code is responsible for your slowdown. Down to line of code, slow SQL query, file path, REST url, and Classic ASP COM call.
Code functions causing blocked ASP.NET threads
See how you can use LeanSentry Hang diagnostics to diagnose and fix IIS website hangs in our Diagnose IIS website hangs guide.

Get insurance against production hangs.

Catch, diagnose, and fix with expert guidance ... without doing any of the hard work.

Get deeper insight without adding more overhead.

external non-blocking Runs side-by-side
with your APM
Low overhead monitoring, that can run side-by-side with your existing APM tools.
APM tools use profilers that intercept your application's execution. This can destabilize and slow down your apps.

LeanSentry uses external, non-intrusive monitoring that combines data from standard Windows logs including IIS logs, ETW traces, performance counters, and so on. This has almost zero overhead on your server and cannot crash or slow down your applications.

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