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Troubleshoot lurking IIS hangs, server problems, and poor ASP.NET performance before it costs you your sales.

The traffic spike is coming.

Your ecommerce website might not be ready for it.

LeanSentry automatically detects and troubleshoots IIS website hangs, slow page loads, and bad ASP.NET performance

  • Hangs

  • Application errors

  • Slow page loads

  • High CPU, memory leaks

Don't let lurking application problems
cut into your sales ...

Use LeanSentry's expert diagnostics to rapidly discover and fix them
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Proactively detect and fix application problems

with expert application diagnostics.

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Discover hidden hangs, errors,
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Applied Innovations selected LeanSentry to help its ecommerce customers get their applications ready for peak sale season.

ASOS, UK's largest independent online fashion retailer, uses LeanSentry to preemptively fix errors and application performance problems before the holiday rush.

OnlineFabricStore, a leading provider of upholstery and industrial fabrics, uses LeanSentry to get extra visbility into appliation performance and quickly fix issues as they arise.

LeanSentry can help you:

1. Discover and fix your most important errors

LeanSentry's discovers errors across the entire application stack, and automatically identifies important errors for you.

2. Troubleshoot slow page loads

You can instantly determine which URLs in your site had slow requests, and drill down to identify the slow operations that caused them!

3. Detect and automatically diagnose application issues

Automatically detects and diagnoses hard-to-find application problems, including hangs, memory leaks, and high CPU.

Helps you understand what causes server overload, breaks down application resource usage, and much much more.

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