Tune and troubleshoot your IIS applications like an expert

Dive Deep

Single dashboard shows you the overall application health, and lets you zoom into all the important details: every URL, error, server, slow request, and more.

Aggregate data across multiple servers, URLs, and apps gives you a complete picture of your application.

Never miss anything with a 24x7 historical record with up to 10s resolution: look at the entire month or zoom into seconds to see exactly what happened.

All the metrics in one place, linked to each other in the way you could never get with Event Log, PerfMon, Log files, and traces.

Become the expert with expert analysis that helps you make sense of your data.

    Monitor & Troubleshoot

Catch every problem with Alerts. LeanSentry automatically detects errors, slow performance, high CPU and other common problems, and notifies you about it.

Instantly diagnose root causes of problems. LeanSentry analyses the data to identify the root cause of problems, saving you the time-consuming investigation.

Track causes over time. We track causes across time and incidents of problems to help you prioritize them and understand their impact.

Troubleshoot errors like never before. We track every IIS, ASP.NET, and server error across your entire application, and even help explain it in plain language so you can get straight to fixing it.

  Tune Performance

See what IIS modules, SQL queries, and HTTP requests slow down your application. We automatically track these across the application AND for each URL to show you what slows down your pages.

See where time was spent with the detailed request traces. We automatically capture detailed request traces to help you investigate slowdowns.

Identify what consumes your CPU, down to the exact code! We automatically collect lightweight CPU profiles and show you how much CPU your functions use over time.

Get all the metrics. See all the performance metrics you want including traffic, active connections, users, bandwidth, application resource usage, .NET CLR performance, and more.

  Make Your Life Easier

Saves you time. LeanSentry dramatically reduces the amount of time you spend troubleshooting, investigating, and researching application problems in production.

Lightweight. LeanSentry was built to have virtually no impact on your production system - while providing 24x7 monitoring with intelligence previously available only with invasive tools.

Install before lunch. Deploy in as little as 5 minutes with nothing to configure - whether its to your own server, Amazon EC2, or Windows Azure!

Incredibly powerful, and easy to use

Count on LeanSentry to be your automated .NET expert.

We'll analyze your data, and give you both the big picture and the gory details you need to troubleshoot your app - in one simple to use interface.

Make LeanSentry your easiest win this year.

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